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Our Mission

Abounding Prosperity, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to providing health, social, and economic services to Black Americans with a focus on gay and bisexual men, cisgender and transgender women, and their families. Our goal is to eliminate disparities in these communities by providing access to resources and programs that promote wellness, education, and self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Abounding Prosperity Inc. (AP Inc.) envisions Dallas County as a place in which all men, regardless of race, age, religion, or sexual orientation have equal opportunity to live a happy and productive life free of illness and disease.


Our Story

Abounding Prosperity, Inc. was founded in November 2005 with the express purpose of responding to social and health disparities that continue to have a devastating impact on Black men and their families in Dallas County.

The programs and services offered by the organization include strategies for mobilizing and organizing public institutions to effectively work together, with members of the impacted community to increase knowledge through a comprehensive plan that includes health education and disease prevention.

More than 65,000 people in Texas are known to have HIV. This is an increase of 39% in the seven years between January 2003 and December 2009. Advances in medical care enable people with HIV to stay healthy and survive longer than ever before. The death rate among HIV infected people has decreased dramatically in countries with good access to treatment. In fact, it is nearing the death rate among the general uninfected population.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the largest proportion of HIV cases in Texas is among Blacks. Making up only 11% of the population, they represent 38% of those with HIV. The rate of Black Texans living with HIV is over four times the rate for White and Hispanic Texans. Accordingly,
25% ofBlack Men who have Sex with Men with HIV/AIDS
live in four zip codes: 75216, 75231,75243, and 75215 – all of which are areas targeted by AP, Inc. for HIV outreach and education.

AP Leadership Team

Abounding Prosperity, Inc. believes that in order to improve the quality of life for Black people and their families, the organization should be governed by those who reflect and represent this target population as well allies of those who care about the well being of Black people. The organization has a dedicated seven member Board of Directors that provide governance and oversight to the organization and solicits input, advice and recommendations from various Community Advisory Boards. Having founded the organization in 2005, Kirk D. Myers served as the Chief Executive Officer and brought over 10 years of experience in health education and disease prevention, with a specific expertise in HIV prevention and education.

In April 2023, our Founder/CEO Kirk D. Myers transitioned and the Board of Directors voted unanimously to name Tamara Stephney as the Chief Executive Officer of Abounding Prosperity, Inc. In her role as CEO, Stephney oversees a team of volunteers and staff experienced in health education and disease prevention.

We are honored to share with you the AP Leadership Members who we believe make us the best of what Dallas, Texas has to offer in the areas of HIV/AIDS education, prevention, treatment, care as well as programming.

Tamara Stephney_edited_edited.jpg

Tamara Stephney

Chief Executive Officer

Jacobi Hunter-Wright-COO_edited.jpg

Jacobi Hunter-Wright

Chief Operating Officer


Martese Prince

Chief Program Officer

Timothy Parker_ Headshot.jpg

Timothy Parker

Director of Human Resources


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